Sex Partners Lists

Are you proud of long lists of sex partners that you have? Do you brag that most of the people on your sex partners lists are still your currents sex partners? Have you been bragging about the length of your sex partners lists to everyone around?

sex partners listSex Partners List

You are not the only one to do so. A majority of people brag about actual or fictional sex partners and the huge sex partners lists that they can make out of the names. Many actually sit and write the names out – they make a physical list in order to take pride in it and feel good about themselves. Some even collect things or photographs and make scrapbooks to keep track of the number of them, and keep some memories.

Although sex partners lists may sound like a good way to boost up your confidence in yourself and your abilities, and may also seem like a good thing to talk about to people to impress them – it is a bad idea to keep them lying around and brag too much about them, especially if you have sex partners now.

Even though it is understood in a sex partner relationship that it is a casual, sex only relationship, it is likely that your sex partner gets around to hearing gossip about you – and your conquests. This can be very putting off, and can deteriorate your relationship. Nobody wants to picture themselves as another conquest.

Bragging about your sex partners can damage your potential sex partner find – a sex partnership is expected to be covert and quiet, and if you brag so much about it, people might be discouraged from pursuing sex partner relationship with you.

If you over represent your sexual prowess by waving around your sex partners lists, you might scare off a lot of people, and earn the contempt of some more. Some may even start to doubt your sexual health. No one wants to know that they are another in a long list. So pat yourself secretly in the back, and keep you sex partners lists under wraps.

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